Institute of Innovation and Quality Assurance (IIQA)

Institute of Innovation and Quality Assurance (IIQA) is one of the renowned organization in Nepal for supporting organization to ensure Quality in their products, services, process and Systems.

It has been working in the sector of Certification, Auditing, Implementation, Training, Consultancy, Innovation and many more since 2010. Realizing the need of quality and standardization for promotion of business as well as overall economic, social, environmental and cultural development of Nation, IIQA was established with an aim of promoting quality culture and standardization practice in Nepal. Besides this IIQA also works in the sector of innovation. Regarding innovation it is more focused on low cost technology led innovative approach for supporting the livelihood of local communities in the rural part of Nepal.

IIQA  is providing accredited Third party assessment, registration & certification services of Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015), Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2015),Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001:2007/ ISO 45001:2018),  Medical Devices- Quality Management Systems (ISO 14385:2016), 27001:2013 – Information Security Management systems and ISO 22001:2018- Food Safety Management Systems etc. For Third part certification of various ISO standards IIQA is working as a Nepal Representative of MOODY Inspection and Assurance Ltd. Moody Inspection and Assurance Ltd is a leading provider of assessment, inspection, certification and training. MOODY is accredited by multiple International accreditation bodies around the world & managed by highly dedicated & experienced professionals delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. MOODY is fully accredited by ASIB (E) – Accred Services International Board (Europe) Limited. ASIB (E) Limited is one of the paradigm pioneer in the field of Global Accreditation services for Certifying bodies as per the International Standards of “ISO /IEC/TS 17021:2015- Competency requirements for the International accreditation Boards” and also personnel certification accreditation program based on the international standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012, Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.



Promoting and practicing internationally accepted practices on quality, innovation and enabling organizations to implement quality standards in Nepal.



  1. To provide consultancy for implementation of various ISO standards in Nepal.
  2. To provide third party certification of various ISO standards.
  3. To conduct training on various quality standards.
  4. To promote low cost innovation techniques for prosperity of rural community.
  5. To support local entrepreneurs for promotion of their business via business linkage program.


What can we assist you?

  • Implementation of Various ISO Standards: If you are thinking to adopt international standards and practice in your organization then our experts are here to guide you for conforming the requirements as per the standards.
  • Third Party certification: Internationally recognized Auditors of IIQA will help in in third party auditing and certification for various ISO Standards.
  • Training: Our national and international team of expert tutors working across the world are here to transfer the knowledge, skills and tools your people need to embed excellence into your organization. They have vast amounts of training and assessment experience, and work across a wide range of business sectors.
  •  Business Linkage: With an aim to promote export business in Nepal and also to promote the local indigenous products of community as an initiative to enhance their income generating activities, as well as to promote entrepreneurship among youths, IIQA has established a platform where we build the network for this type of local communities, start-up entrepreneur in finding the market of their products and services.
  • Low cost Innovation: We explore, fund, support low cost technology innovations which brings changes in local communities livelihoods


Ongoing Activities:

  1. Trainings
  2. Consultancy/ Third party certification of various ISO standards
  3. Launch of Fund Raising for NGOS
  4. Diary support program at Sindupalchowk district of Nepal
  5. Installation of community cold center at sindupalchowk district
  6. Production of Low cost Sanitary Napkins at sindupalchowk
  7. Third Party Inspection
  8. Promotion of Pashmina through Business Linkage program

IIQA is promoting the concept of innovation in Nepalese context. We are working with InnovationNext, an international organisation founded by Pravin Rajpal.


Credentials From Suvarna Consultants, Hyderabad, India.