Innovation is a new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in form of device or method. It is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. It is turning an idea into a solution that adds value from a customer’s perspective.

Do you want to start a new and innovative business? Do you want to transform your dilapidating industry? Do you want to be self-employed and give employment to others? Do you want to have link with the global businesses to establish your own company in Nepal? Do you want support to develop your company plan and generate funding for your projects?

If yes, contact IIQA to realize your dream. Any one individual or in group is eligible to start a business. We provide guidance and coaching to establish the company and operate that effectively. IIQA provides technical support and shows you the way towards developing linkages with the global business.

  • We provide you all the solutions for starting and operating a business.
  • We are associated with a number of organizations in Nepal and other parts of the world.
  • We support to develop strategic and business plan.
  • We help you to find out the resources.
  • We provide you technical support.
  • We assist you to find suitable partners.
  • We develop linkages with the global business.
  • We carry out technology transfer and exposure visit.
  • We provide you guidance and coaching.

Started with the promotion of community actions for transformation, a group of highly motivated people formed IIQA.  The group has now expanded its activities on income generation and mobilizing communities and cooperatives for the improvement of the socio-economic status of their members.


Empowering deprived communities through income generation and micro-enterprises.


The objectives are as follows:

  • To help individuals on starting a business/industry by providing complete support,
  • To help Nepalese to start business involving international companies, and
  • To link potential investors to the business sector.

InnovationWhat can we assist you?

  • Need analysis – Be creative and think any sort of project that you wish as your future career. We will also suggest you a number of innovative businesses suitable to you.
  • Feasibility study – We carry out feasibility study of the prospective industries/services that you are looking for.
  • Determine the Possible Sites – We also suggest you appropriate sites for the specific project.
  • Detail Cost Evaluation – We provide you detail cost estimation of the specific project.
  • Legal aspect – We provide you full legal support and take the responsibility of legalising the company that you will own.
  • Prepare and discussing on the detailed business plan – Contact Business Link International and ask for two hours of close interaction and face to face dialogue. Come alone or in group that you are working together. During this interaction, we share about the possibility and set timeline for future meetings. The initial discussions, planning, fund generation, technology transfer and exposure visit will take place in four phases and may be completed within a month. After that you will be ready to start your own business.
  • Market Analysis – The Company also provides you detail market plan prepared for the establishment of the specific industry.
  • Project/Master planning – Once you identify the specific industry/service, we prepare detail master plan or project plan.
  • Technical support – The Company provides you full technical support as agreed in the MoU.
  • Identifying possible investors – If you cannot implement the project alone, we also suggest you some potential investors.
  • Starting the business – As the preliminary tasks are completed, you can now start your company.

Key Activities:

IIQA has following projects, some are undergoing and some are in the process of designing and implementation:


  • Agricultural innovation through farm machineries (rice planting, rice huskers etc.)
  • Grape vine farming and winery production

Solid Waste Management

  • Solid waste processing and electricity generation


  • Assembling microscope and other scientific equipment
  • Online marketing of handicrafts

Natural Resource Management

  • Biodiesel production
  • Natural Rubber production
  • Rubber sandal and balloon production

Construction Items

  • Prefab production – implemented
  • Roofing and decorative materials production

Innovation for 21st Century

  • Making Academic Institutes as Innovation Lab

IIQA is promoting the concept of innovation in Nepalese context. We are working with InnovationNext, an international organisation founded by Pravin Rajpal.

About Innovatio Next:

IIQA works in close cooperation with InnovatioNext, an India based multinational company on promoting innovation globally. Innovated and developed by Pravin Rajpal, InnovatioNext has created the new trend of industry 4.0 centres at universities by setting up next generation 4.0 centres of Excellence for developing creative thought leaders. Its cutting-edge technologies and leading-edge programs are integrated with the graduation and post-graduation programs of the most dynamic universities to provide the technology talent and smart solutions to the industry

Industry 4.0 centres help the students in developing smart products, smart solutions, smart factories, smart designs, smart villages and smart cities by using the most advanced tools and programs on artificial intelligence, IOT, digitization, big data, advanced robotics, sensors and emerging technologies.  The centres have become the new benchmark of world class innovation for which the Centre earned the AMITY LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATION EXCELLENCE AWARD in December 2018.

Why to choose us?

  • We are the competent group of quality assessors, trainers and innovators.
  • We provide quality services on time and on reasonable cost.
  • We have national and international linkages which you can exploit for your specific need of any type of quality assessment work.
  • We provide complete solution on quality assessment and productivity enhancement.