IIQA also provides quality, independent and impartial inspection services to ensure that the compliance of your product are as per specification, standards, customer’s expectations , International codes ,environmental and social norms. Our team of highly dedicated, highly competent member are being renowned for their fast services, extensive network coverage and client centric.

Why IIQA as Third Party Inspector??
✔ Increased customer satisfaction
✔ Top rated Customer service
✔ Fast Report turn-around time
✔ Assurance that we comply with ethical practices & anti-briberyb
✔ Global Network of Highly trained technical Inspectors
✔ Helps on buying premium products

1. Quality Inspection
Quality control services include on-site factory inspections and testing with detailed reports to help ensure that your products meet your specifications and manage product quality in your supply chain .When your product fails to meet your quality specifications for market acceptance, the result can be loss of good will, product and revenues, delayed shipments, wasted materials, and the potential risk of a product recall. IIQA has the right systems, processes and procedures to help you meet the requirements and to deliver quality products in a timely manner.


2. Factory and Suppliers Audit
Our Factory audits and suppliers audit will conduct an extensive evaluation of your supplier’s facilities and management systems and will provide you with the detail analysis of the condition, strength and weakness of your supplier. The standard Manufacturing Audit covers:
• Factory profile
• Production capacities
• Factory facilities, including condition of machinery and equipment
• Workflow and organization charts
• Quality assurance systems in place


3. Product Testing
We provide wide range of test for the different compliances with collaboration with various labs in Nepal depending upon the complexity of your project.


4. Pre -Product Inspection
Pre-Production Inspection can help you, the importer, to verify whether or not raw material quality is in conformity with the contract. It will also help you verify whether production will proceed on schedule. Prior to production, our inspector arrives at the factory. Raw materials & accessories check: our inspector checks the raw materials and components required for production. Radom selection of samples: Inspection report: our inspector issues a report which documents the findings and includes pictures.


5. During Production Inspection
The during production inspection (DPI) is performed while the goods are on the production lines nevertheless, the goods checked by the QC inspector are the finished goods packed only. The reason is that the objective is to check the quality of the goods that already came out of the production line and already passed the factory quality control. An IIQA, DPI inspection will provide you with an expert view prior to production giving you a quality safety net and the confidence that your suppliers will provide you with top quality products supporting the values of your brand


6. Pre Shipment Inspection
The pre shipment inspection is conducted to ensure the quality of goods before they are shipped. . Pre-shipment inspection (or psi- inspections) ensures that production complies with specifications of the buyer and/or the terms of a purchase order or letter of credit. This inspection is conducted on finished products when at least 80% of the order has been packed for shipping. This inspection is done according to standard Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL) specs for the product.