Internal Audit Training On Iso 9001:2015 For Co-operatives Professionals

IIQA with collaboration with Suvarna Consultant of India and MOODY Inspection and Assurance, Bangladesh conducted a  3  days  virtual Internal Auditing training on ISO 9001: 2015 from 27th to 29th November 2020. This training was structured for the participants from the co- operatives sector of Nepal. The main reason for focusing this sector was that ISO 9001 is a generic structure so, it’s applicable to all type of institution whether big, small, service sector of production sector. Every organization who wants to improve the quality Management System of organization can be part of this. Besides t

his the selected Institution were following ACESS manual which have some similarities with ISO 9001 standards and are both focused on overall development and management of the organisations. Both the documents  have  highlighted  the importance of implementing several indicators to maintain the quality of the organisation. Both the standards are compatible with each other.

However, they are not completely overlapping in term of the indicators of clauses, they rather complement each other. Thus, the training was organized to create awareness how could ISO and ACESS both can help or overlap each other for increasing the effectiveness of an organization.